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We have decided to create a dedicated play area for puppies that have been experiencing difficulties in finding opportunities to meet other puppies and to socialise safely and securely.


It is so important that puppies get an opportunity to meet and to play. It is a fundamental part of their developement but it must be done in a controlled environment and under professional supervision as we provide here at Good Dog Training.

Puppies of larger breeds, if a little too active and playful, may be introduced carefully to the general dog population to avoid smaller puppies getting hurt. 





We do not accept non neutered dogs over ten months into daycare. 

At Good Dog Training Day Care we want every dog that attends to enjoy a fun, action packed, enjoyable day. We want the dogs to learn socialising skills and to make friends with the other attendees. Day Care can go a long way to meet your dog’s need for companionship and attention. It is unlikely that there is any dog suffering from boredom in day care.

We cater for all types of dogs, subject to terms and conditions, big and small, young and old. Puppies under 6 months old are welcome provided they are fully vaccinated. They will be mixed intermittently with the older and bigger dogs to build essential socialisation skills and will be carefully monitored over this time. It is unlikely these sessions would last longer that 30 minutes, when they will be returned together to their designated area. After a while they will be reintroduced again, and so on during the day.

As your dog will receive treats during the day as reward for good behaviour, please notify us of any allergies your dog may have.

All dogs over 6 months old must go through a suitability assessment before being admitted to day care. These once off assessments are held by appointment and last between 2 to 3 hours.

The cost is €20 per assessment.

The assessment is not a judgement of your dog. Not all dogs are suitable for day care and some can find it overwhelming and frightening. We love to accept dogs, but it would be irresponsible to allow a dog attend that shows an inability to cope. In the event of your dog being found to be unsuitable for day care, we will discuss this with you and try to find a solution for both of your needs.

Day care is costed at €18 per day, 07.30 to 18.30, Mon to Fri. 

A half day up to six hours costs €10

In addition to the  full day and half day rate outlined above, we offer a limited number of monthly payment options. These places are filled on a first come first served basis and a waiting list may exist. Please contact us to check availability.


For full details please click on the link below;


 (Please note monthly payment options are now full and a waiting list is in place)


Monthly payment options Good Dog Training and Daycare for Dogs


We are pleased to offer the following payment options that are designed to reduce the cost of daycare, on a monthly basis.

There are limited places available on each option and these places will be filled on a first come first served basis. A waiting list may arise.

Options                                            Monthly cost                          Maximum savings

A. 3 full days per week                       €150                                     €120  pm

B. Any 16 full days per month             €175                                     €113 pm

C. 3 half days per week                      €75                                       €75   pm  

D. Any 16 half days per month            €95                                       €65   pm


For more than one dog from the same household, please contact us directly.


The following conditions will apply.

1. Payment will be made in advance on the first Monday of each month.

2. There is no carry over of unused days.

3. Extra days required, over and above the agreed option, will be charged at the standard daycare rate.

4. Standard terms and conditions of daycare apply.

5. In the event that payment is not made for any month, for whatever reason, this slot will be allocated to the next person on the waiting list.


Please let us know in advance of your intention to place your dog with us so that we can reserve a spot and avoid disappointment.
Please read our terms and conditions which are available by clicking here.

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"Every dog is a good dog, sometimes they just need a little help getting there. With our classes and sessions you will be surprised at how quickly your dog will learn new skills."

Philip Davis

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