These terms and conditions are important to read and to agree. They have been drawn up to protect all dogs attending the day care and to minimise the risk to your dog. You will be asked to sign a copy of the terms and conditions before your dog is allowed access.

Before attending day care, it is important that your dog goes through the once off assessment process to ensure your dog is suitable for day care. For safety reasons we must be sure your dog is socialized and confident with other dogs. There is no judgement of dogs in this process. Assessments are held on Saturday mornings, last a minimum of two hours and are charged at €20 per dog. Booking is required.

Daycare is not for every dog. Some dogs are very sociable and love to play with other dogs, but some dogs find the experience extraordinarily stressful, and a day in day care would be far too much for them. If your dog is not well socialized and you are looking for help with your dog you are very welcome to talk with us about training or other solutions.

After assessment we will meet with you and discuss the findings with you.

  • I __________________________ (the owner) confirm to Good Dog Training that I am the legal owner of my dog. My dog has not been ill with any contagious disease or condition within the past (30) thirty days and that my dog has received all necessary vaccinations (proof required)
  • I understand that Good Dog Training is an open day care centre and I agree that my dog will socialise with other dogs and I accept the risks involved. I agree that Good Dog Training are not liable for any illnesses resulting from my dog’s attendance.
  • As the dog’s owner, I agree to contact Good Dog Training in advance of any day care booking. If my dog becomes unwell or is acting out of character. I agree not to bring my dog to day care on that day.
  • As the owner, I accept as final any decision Good Dog Training make regarding my dog’s suitability for attending day care in their centre. As dogs age, their preferences for play may change, and as the dog’s owner I accept that Good Dog Training will make decisions on my dog’s suitability for day care based on my dog’s happiness and welfare. I agree to adhere to any advice I am given as to my dog’s suitability for day care by the training team who conduct my dog’s initial assessment.
  • As my dog’s owner, I agree to tell Good Dog Training, as soon as possible, of any incidents or accidents outside of day care that may affect my dog’s suitability for day care.
  • I agree all dogs must enter and leave Good Dog Training premises on a lead. We advise clients to use a normal dog lead, not a flexi type lead. Good Dog Training accepts that while your dog may be well behaved off lead, this is a busy training centre and some of our other clients may not have the skills to deal with an off-lead dog.
  • As the owner I agree that in line with the principles of Good Dog Training, not to use or bring to Good Dog Training any aversive equipment. A list of items which Good Dog Training feel unsuitable for pet dogs includes but not exclusively, choke chains, half check chains, prong collars, electric shock collars.
  •  I, the dog owner, agree to adhere to the opening and closing times of Good Dog Training. Opening hours are from 7.30am and we close at 6.30pm sharp. Dog can only be accepted and returned during business hours.
  • As the dog owner, I agree to book my dogs day care space in advance.
  •  As a dog’s owner, i accept that all visitors have to stay in separated area. Visitors are not allowed to enter into the free running area. Visitors are not allowed to pet or have any contact with any dog except the dogs they own. All visitors have to show manners and respect towards people and animals.
  • I agree children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • I agree in emergency situation (life or death) management has the right to call vet and transfer cost of it on to the owner of the dog
  • Dogs may be collected only by the person who left the dog or a person included in assessment form (proof of photo ID required)
  • Owners who don’t collect dogs on time will be charged a fee of 100 euro for every 12h.Dogs not collected in 24h will be reported to Garda and Dog warden.
  •  I agree to ensure that my dog is kept in good health, receives regular parasite treatments, yearly vaccinations, which are required by Good Dog Training to allow my dogs to continue to mix with other dogs.
  •  No refunds for any unused time.


Please note, the Good Dog Training use force free positive reinforcements techniques with the all the dogs that are using our daycare facility and this includes using food rewards for good behaviour and mental stimulation games. If your dog suffers from food allergies you must let us know in advance. The team at Good Dog Training are committed to providing a safe and secure environment for your dog to play and train when with us for daycare. Your responsibility as your dogs guardian is to make sure you keep our team up to date on any health, training or behavioural issues you are having with your dog so we can work with you and your dog in a safe and supportive way.