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Leading Specialist in Dog Training & Day Care in the Wexford Region

  Philip Davis


 Kerlogue Business Park, Wexford Town.  Eircode  Y35WK71

Phone: 089 404 9322

Daycare opening hours opening hours: 7.30am to 18.30pm Mon to Fri.

Saturdays are for training and puppy socials.

Dog training classes are also run in the evenings.

Access to our premises is wheelchair friendly.



Daycare for Dogs

Opening hours, Mon to Fri, 7.30am to 6.30pm. Saturdays, dog training and events. 

Please note, in general we do not accept non neutered dogs over the age of ten months into our daycare. 

At Good Dog Training we offer services that are entirely dog centered.

As dog owners we understand the importance of a safe, fun and secure environment for your dog and while in our care your precious pooch will be treated with the utmost respect to ensure their experience with Good Dog Training is positive. 



All our services are entirely force free in that we use positive reinforcement techniques. We consider items such as choke chains, half check collars, electric shock collars or prong collars as unacceptable, and we ask that our dog owners respect our position and do not bring such items to our premises.

Our Day care centre is situated in Kerlogue Business Park, Wexford Town and consists of 280sq meters. There is also a small outside area for dogs to relax in. Our centre can cater for all types of dogs. Big and small, young and old, all under the supervision of our experienced staff.

To find out more about Daycare for Dogs, click here


Dog training and Training Classes

A fun way to work with other like-minded owners


Dog training is a vital part of our business and one of the most enjoyable. Group classes will be held in our centre and a schedule of upcoming classes can be found in the training section. Classes are a fun way to work with other like-minded owners on behaviours that are causing concern.

Good Dog Training will continue to provide one to one training in your dog’s home. This gives owners an opportunity to see up close the techniques we use to teach the dogs an alternative behaviour to the one that wasn’t working, and to learn some basic skills and understandings that helps them continue the training of their pet. One to ones are available in any part of Wexford.
For full details of dog trainingclick here.


With all our services there are terms and conditions and we ask that you read them carefully. Terms and conditions are devised to keep all dogs in our care as safe as possible and to protect your pet from infection and other unwanted illnesses and behaviours. In addition, a completed application form will be required for our records, and a copy of this form can be completed and submitted by clicking here.



What We Do:

At Good Dog Training and Daycare we offer a range of Dog Care solutions:

  • Training Classes
  • One to One Training
  • Day Care
  • Wedding Service (escort service to allow your dog attend your wedding)
  • Basic Training
  • Lead Training
  • Puppy Social Integration
  • Behavioral Training
  • Vet Spec dog food supplier.
  • 100% Natural Fish Treats supplier.

wexford dog training

Did you know?

We do training home visits & one to one sessions in Wexford and beyond

dog training wexford

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Our Committment

"Every dog is a good dog, sometimes they just need a little help getting there. With our classes and sessions you will be surprised at how quickly your dog will learn new skills."

Philip Davis

Contact Us

To get in touch with us see our contact details below. You can also request a callback on the contact page.

Phone089 404 9322
email info@gooddogtraining.ie
web www.gooddogtraining.ie

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