My wedding in 2016 Philip and Mairead and Cato                                                                               Mairead with Lola and Ben




Good Dog Training, Wedding Service.

We really feel for those of you who have had to rearrange your weddings due to the Coronavirus, but hopefully we are now out of the woods and you can now proceed with your dream day. It will make a great story for your grandchildren as to how you postponed your wedding to fight in the Coronavirus war. We're allowed to exaggerate.


For those of you who are starting to plan a wedding and like the idea of having your beloved dog attend,please read on 


When a decision is made to get married and the family has been told, the next step is planning the Wedding Day.


So many aspects of the wedding need to be planned and at Good Dog Training we’d like to help you include your dog(s) in your special day.


They may have been part of your courtship and have been there possibly since you met each other. Getting your dog may have been one of the first joint decisions you made, and the thought of excluding it from your special day doesn’t have to be a reality.


At Good Dog Training we have designed a package that includes your dog in your wedding day without causing any worry or stress. As professionals in dog training and dog care we can assure you that every step will be taken to ensure the presence of your dog adds to the occasion and we can adjust and tailor any package to suit your own particular needs.


A typical inclusion of your dog at your wedding maybe as follows;


Well before your wedding at a time convenient to you we would meet up with you to discuss your requirements. Prior to the wedding we would also meet your dog(s) to familiarise them to us and us to them.


On the big day we will pick up your dog as planned. We will walk the dog and if required we will groom it and dress it and then bring the dog(s) to your venue. As experienced dog handlers we will ensure that your dog participates in your wedding without you needing to worry about destructive behaviour or toilet breaks. You decide the level of involvement you would like. Maybe a brief appearance in some photos or possibly something more extensive. Your choice.

When your dog's involvement is complete we will return them to your home or kennels or where ever you require.


In preparation for your day, we can if you choose, meet with the venues you plan to use to outline our involvement in having your pet present. We will allay any worries they may have in respect of indoor toileting or destructive behaviour. We carry a kit at all times to deal with toileting accidents. 

We will also be available for the rehearsals if you wish to have a run through before the big day. 


This service is covered by the insurance of Good Dog Training and Daycare.


Please contact us by email for more information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to chat informally with us, call us on 089 404 9322














Check out our gallery to see all our daycare dogs and some pictures of Philip and Maireads wedding with their beloved dogs attending their ceremony.

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"Every dog is a good dog, sometimes they just need a little help getting there. With our classes and sessions you will be surprised at how quickly your dog will learn new skills."

Philip Davis

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