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Please note that from the 1st May 2023 we are obligated to charge Vat at a rate of 23%. 

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Owning a dog should not be a battle of wits. If the dog behaves in a way that you find unacceptable, the dog must be taught an alternative behaviour that is acceptable, and this is where Good Dog Training comes in. Training is conducted in a fun and enjoyable way for both dogs and owners using only positive reinforcement techniques. Classes will cover, by way of example, the following difficult behaviours.

  • Pulling on a lead
  • Ignoring your call to return to you
  • Jumping up on you
  • Begging from your table
  • Barking at the doorbell
  • Many other behaviours that cause friction between owner and dog will also be covered.

We offer three types of training:

  • Classes
  • One to one consultancies in your home
  • One to one consultancies in the Good Dog Training centre

Classes are held at our centre in Kerlogue business park. They usually are run over 3 weeks and rarely exceed 6 dogs and their owners. We cover the basics such as loose lead walking, sit, stay, leave, stop and recall. All essential behaviours.
Classes are also held for fully vaccinated puppies.

We cannot stress enough the importance of puppy classes for the long term positive development of the puppy. Early socialization of puppies gives them a great start in dealing with other dogs as they grow older. In addition, your puppy will be introduced to recall, sits, mouthing, loose lead and jumping up.

For upcoming classes and prices, please click here.

One to one consultancies are held either at the dog’s home, where it can be seen which behaviour is causing concern, or in the Good Dog Training Centre. A one to one session in our training centre can deal with recall and loose lead walking among other things and is good for dogs that have a difficulty with other dogs. Sometimes a dog just needs to be shown what good behaviour is. 

One to ones suit behavioural issues that are unlikely to be addressed in a class structure. 

Home consultancies are best suited to working with behaviours that are specific to the home and surrounding area. Your dog may have destructive behaviour around the house, it maybe guarding you and family with a little too much enthusiasm. Sometimes a dog needs to be trained to toilet in a particular area of the garden. There are many issues we can help with that relate specifically to the dog's home.


After a one to one the owner has the tools to continue the journey with the dog and to enjoy the progress they are making. 

Puppies that have not completed their vaccinations can be introduced to this early training with emphasis on confidence building, mouthing and handling.

One to one sessions last approx an hour and a half. A phone chat is also included to evaluate progress.

Payment per session is a minimum €74.00 including Vat with more complex issues occasionally requiring a higher charge.

Regretfully the number of people who fail to turn up to an agreed appointment and ignore reminders and calls has now necessitated the introduction of a deposit. A deposit of €30 will be obtained at the time of booking. Please note, where notified in plenty of time of a need to reschedule, a deposit will be transferred to the rescheduled date.

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Our Committment

"Every dog is a good dog, sometimes they just need a little help getting there. With our classes and sessions you will be surprised at how quickly your dog will learn new skills."

Philip Davis

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