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Laura - Wexford

"I could not recommend Good Dog Training and Daycare highly enough. My dog was attacked by an Alsatian when she was a puppy and as a result was terrified of other dogs. Philip suggested bringing her to the puppy socialisation mornings and worked to build her confidence. Within a very short period of time she was back to her usual self and LOVES going to the daycare now. The staff take excellent care of the dogs and are always willing to give help and advice with any issues you might be having with your dog."  

Shauna - Wexford

"Philip has a great service here. First day to day care for my dog today and looking at him now he clearly enjoyed his day and had a lot of fun as he is asleep. Definitely be bringing my dog here again soon."

Aoife - Wexford

"My kids and I just had a training session with our crazy, hyper beagle. Philip was fantastic, he really got the kids involved and we were amazed at how quickly our pup caught on. I would highly recommend going there. We can't wait to put his techniques into practice."

Pauline - Wexford

" Our dog Billy just loves Good Dog Daycare, he has so fun and comes home absolutely knackered! It's been great for socialising him. Phil and Amy take fantastic care of all the furbabies - highly recommended."

Tracey - Wexford

" Fantastic service, Philip and Yvette are very professional and look after the dogs in their care to the highest standard. My dog Kanjo loves his days at doggy day care. It's a great service that is good value for money. Great location ample parking and i would highly recommend this day care."

Robin - Wexford

" Great service here. Philip and his staff take great care of our puppy, who seems to throughly enjoy his days out playing with his pals. " 

Craig - Wexford

" I cannot thank Philip enough for his help with our family dog that was demonstrating resource guarding of not only his toys but with us too, it was causing enormous problems with visitors. Philip was able to explain and teach us methods to reduce and negate this bad behaviour and the results were surprisingly quick. Calm has been restored and we have a happy house once more."

John - Wexford

" We brought our new puppy to training classes and were surprised at how quickly Max picked everything up and more importantly remembered them out of class! Great basis for setting your new pup up with behavior and social skills. "

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Our Committment

"Every dog is a good dog, sometimes they just need a little help getting there. With our classes and sessions you will be surprised at how quickly your dog will learn new skills."

Philip Davis

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